Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog Post 3: What If?

If our society didn't have history then we wouldn't be here right now. We wouldn't have great technology that we have now, we would have possibly gone through the times in history again.

Think about adding how you felt during the discussion. Did you silently disagree with people? Why?
I sit silently because I felt like my answer was going to be wrong and i was just nervous, I was thinking about what other people were saying and I wanted to add on but I was scared.

Did your views change throughout the discussion?
Not really because I heard others having a discussion and they were kind of saying all of the same things but just different wording and adding only a bit to the actual topic.

Was there a really good point brought up by someone else? Do you think that you brought up a really good point?
A good point was from Julio because he said if we wouldn't have tested a nuclear bomb then it couldn't have worked in a war or we could've blown ourselves up.

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