Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Blog post #3

The title of my book is The Last Invisible Boy by Evan Kuhlman. I think the conflict or problem in my book is that a kid named Finn is slowly fading away and is changing but no one is noticing. Finn finds himself in a situation where he doesnt know what to do because his dad is gone and he's with his mom and younger brother that aren't in the greatest condition because of the loss of their father. Finn has to help them come back to reality. But, Finn helps his little brother but is still zoned out and is lost in his thoughts and can't concentrate but is putting all the effort he can by helping his mother. The text states, "Weirdly, my brother Derek went back to school the first day. He seems to be doing pretty good, somehow, no loss of visibility, no evidence that he's being slowly erased. Or at least he's doing better than I am."

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thoughts on Animal Testing

a. Yes, I believe in others treating all animals and insects the same because even though insects may not have feelings they still should be treated equally.

b. I feel that we should test on animals because it would be saving us and it won't hurt others.

c. I personally feel that we can only test on mice but not on big animals not even dogs or cats.

d. Only on mice because they're small and it would be more efficient.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First Reading Blog Post


This book Scarlett is about a girl who has the most sweetest name but isn't how they actually seem. Scarlett doesn't let anyone get in her way and doesn't really care about anyone or anything, but when she tries to do something nice it ends up turning horrible. But it has gotten to the point where no one could handle Scarlett anymore so she has to move with her dad that she doesn't like at all.

Scarlett is very warm-hearted and may not seem like it in the outside but she sure does care in the inside. The text states, "'You promised!'  I say. 'You said I'd never have to see him again, not after what he did to us! He left us, Mum, he walked away. You said he was scum! You said we were well shot of him, that we'd make like he'd never existed!'" This is showing that she's breaking down and she's showing her deep feelings that has never came out before.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Blog #5: Choices, Choices

I would rather live in a community where I could make my own decisions and laws/choices.  I would like to have fun and do my own thing and not be stopped of doing something wrong.  I don’t want to do certain things and I don’t want to be ruled by really strict, like they’re too strict.  I want to feel like I have my own choices and not be chosen a job that I don’t want and have it for a long time, like I want to make my decision and if they’re wrong then I’ll learn from them.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog Post 3: What If?

If our society didn't have history then we wouldn't be here right now. We wouldn't have great technology that we have now, we would have possibly gone through the times in history again.

Think about adding how you felt during the discussion. Did you silently disagree with people? Why?
I sit silently because I felt like my answer was going to be wrong and i was just nervous, I was thinking about what other people were saying and I wanted to add on but I was scared.

Did your views change throughout the discussion?
Not really because I heard others having a discussion and they were kind of saying all of the same things but just different wording and adding only a bit to the actual topic.

Was there a really good point brought up by someone else? Do you think that you brought up a really good point?
A good point was from Julio because he said if we wouldn't have tested a nuclear bomb then it couldn't have worked in a war or we could've blown ourselves up.